The Face of “The Alan Times”

Hi everyone, my name is Alan Nguyen and after an intense period of procrastination and delays I have decided to kick start my WordPress again. The most recent memory of WordPress I’ve had was back in Grade 4 in 2007 when the school censored or blocked our beloved Club Penguin and Miniclip flash games. In protest, I tried to create a blog writing the pros and cons of censorship and start a rebellion so that my penguin can live to see another day (by the way, his name is FireHero8908 because I was immensely creative as a 10 year old.) Unfortunately, I messed up after the email registration…

Anyway, I am a 17 year old (at time of writing) who has too many ambitions from meeting Obama to singing camping songs in Danish.

The reason why I chose the “The Alan Times” was because I was trying to be witty in thinking of a blog name that reflects another of my goals, a career ambition.: Become a journalist who travels the world.

My Tenth Grade English teacher called me narcissistic while other were like “HAHAHAHAHA good on you mate” and proceeded to walk away.

But in all honesty, the reason why I want to become a journalist was because of pretty much sentimental and idealistic visions. From traveling to “storytelling”

That’s what I believe journalism can be about, the telling of stories (fictional or non-fictional, you can never tell in today’s eclectic media).

It has the ability to make us wonder, laugh and cry. It also has the ability to make us annoyed and irritated.

I know bad things happen, and the dream may not be as great as it seems but if I didn’t dream, what would I want out of a journalism career?

I remember witnessing the bravery of some Al Jazeera or BBC journalists during the many revolutions of Egypt in the peak of the Arab Spring. It was 2am, and i was contemplating about what I wanted to do in life and what career choice I wanted to take as I was choosing subjects for next year’s classes. At this point, I wanted to do Engineering or Management. But then, I saw the reporters running away from water cannons and tear gas and I was like “Wow. Look at them.” and then the report end. Now, reporters were somewhere in the United States somewhere for a big event. I think it was a political rally, I cannot remember. I then came to the realisation of “Why not?”

Weeks later, I somehow was learning about Journalism in English class. The role of columnists, editors and reporters etcetera. I then said to myself that I wanted to become a journalist. And ever since that time, I still do. In fact, I currently work in a youth radio station called SYN Media who are pretty awesome as they promote diversity, opportunity and independence. Talk show hosts such as Hamish and Andy (for any readers around the world and not living in Australia, they’re quite famous) used to work there. At the start of the year, I was a presenter and researcher for a radio show called “Mental Matters” which focuses on creating awareness for all mental conditions and reducing the stigma that surrounds it.

The show is currently on hiatus and I am now working on “Represent” which is a political radio show. My first ‘package’ as my executive producer would say or report would be on the role of the Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives after a certain scandal that happened over the last few weeks.

If there’s one thing that 17 year olds usually doesn’t like its politics. Boring, Annoying, Corrupted, Self-Loathing etcetera Politics is just this weird thing I happened to become near obsessed with. For some strange reason I know that the National Legislature of Taiwan is called the Legislative Yuan. But politics, when you look at it and try to figure out things like why do people vote for party a over party b even if their policy platform are near identical,  or why is problem x a has bigger emphasis then problem y, it gets interesting; a bit psychological, sociological and historical. In a way and continuing on the theme of storytelling, It tells us the story of us, humans and their decisions. I would love to report during the campaign trail. It can be my ‘beat’ for that particular time.

Obviously, politics not just tells that but other things too. Quoting Dead Poet’s Society even if its in the context of poetry but:

We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life.

We all interrelate with one another. I admire engineers, artists, doctors and my plumber. I admire people in their pursuits, or even lack thereof. We all have a story to tell and it is a shame if none of us in our lifetime can tell it.

This is why I joined WordPress. To tell you my story, and my future ones.

Before i go, here is a picture of my daily commute to the city. I wrote this post on the train home.

I love dusk for some strange reason. it gives me optimism, and somehow energy.
I love dusk for some strange reason. it gives me optimism, and somehow energy.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Futures Past.”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.”



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